Reviews (Patients Feedback)

1. By Mr. Vivek Patil

Thanks to Dr. Dhongade and staff of Shaishav Clinic for taking care of our child and giving all our happiness back.
Special thanks to Mr. Walunj Sir for giving special attention everyday.

2. By Mr. Vijay Shekdor, Pune

Two hours after delivery, we had to shift our baby (Girl) to Shaishav Clinic as she was born two weeks before the expected date. Our baby was suffering with respiratory distress & was grunting.

Thanks to Dr. Ram Dhongade & his ever energetic team, as they nursed her well for 9 days. Also when we could not control our emotions, the supported us.

Specially Dr. Ritesh & Dr. Damle and all the staff whose name we have not mentioned.

I would like to apperciate the administrator, who interacted with us right from day 1. Great Job.

3. By Tithi Nilesh Agarwal, Pune

We are really happy & pleased by the kind of service provide by the staff & the Doctors at Shaishav Clinic. The hospital has a very friendly atmosphere and all the attendants were very prompt & courteous towards us. We wish you all the very best for the future & hope you continue the same good work.