Clinical Research

This institute is an active participant in Clinical Research & conducts various clinical trials.

The research proposals are broadly classified into following categories:-

  1. Pediatric Drug Trials
  2. Vaccine Clinical Trials
  3. Clinical research in pediatrics and neonatology

We have an excellent team of clinical research professionals. Their participation in various clinical trials has been appreciated by many experts from this field.

We have also worked with various pharmaceutical companies for clinical trials.

  1. Prospan Syp – USV limited
  2. DT vaccine trial – Sristek Hyderabad
  3. Easy five vaccine trial – Panacea Biotec Ltd
  4. H1N1 Infant, Pediatric and Adult  vaccine trial - Panacea Biotec Ltd

Many more projects with various companies are there in the pipeline.

Our Institute has an Independent Ethical Committee-IEC. The Standard operating procedure of the EC is strictly based on GCP guidance. It constitutes of both senior medical professionals as well as non medical professionals esp. advocates. They ensure the safety & well being of human subject involved in the trial and meticulously review the trials conducted in the institute.
Our post graduate students are enthusiastic & hard working with regard to the various clinical trials done in this hospital.

  1. Role of colostrums in growth of LBW babies
  2. To study the incidence of Retinopathy of Prematurity
  3. Predictive value of C-Reactive protein in Neonatal Sepsis
  4. To compare the effectively of human milk fortification with Olive Oil & Coconut oil for weight gain in LBW babies.

We are conducting a research programme on surveillance of Rota virus with National Institute of Virology & CDC Atlanta.

For any clinical research related queries please contact:

Dr. Ram Dhongade                                                                                          Dr. Ashish Dhongade
Mobile number: 09822037483                                                       Email-
Clinic: 020-24457234                                                                      Fax: 020-24465419


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